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The Historic Eastern & Oriental Hotel is the Best Place to Stay in Penang

Imagine colonial era Britain at the luxurious Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang Malaysia. A review of the hotel and what to do in Penang for 3 days. At the height of the British Empire, it was said “the sun never sets on the British Empire”. Having established colonies and trade routes which spanned the globe, British culture could be found throughout the world. With the advent of the luxury passenger liner, wealthy British travelers expanded the scope of the … Read More

Why this Malaysian Char Kuey Teow Recipe is the Best Ever

This Char Kuey Teow recipe showcases the fabulous Nyonya cooking of Malaysia, drawing on many cultural influences of the region. Quick, tasty and delicious! Fabulous because a Nyonya noodle dish draws on many of the culinary influences on the Malay Peninsula. Think Chinese, Malay, Indian, as well as traces of Portuguese, Dutch, British and Indonesian influences. It’s a simple dish to make. One of the great pleasures of traveling to South East Asia is tasting and enjoying the great street … Read More

15 of the Best Practical Travel Tips for Europe

Save time, money and stress with these helpful European travel tips. Here we share the best practical travel tips for Europe to help you enjoy your vacation. Find tips for traveling within Europe, best time to travel, finding tickets (including hard to get tickets) and some tips to prepare you for the unexpected. Getting Around Europe 1.      International Flights vs. Travel Within Europe Book your international flights into two convenient airports for your travels and then travel within Europe by … Read More

A Guide to Thailand Island Hopping

There are over 300 islands off the coast of Thailand, and they can be found either in the Gulf of Thailand or in the Andaman Sea; the latter is on the west coast of both Thailand and Myanmar. Island hopping in Thailand can be simple or difficult; some of the islands are more populated and have more types of transportation available than do others. Phuket, the biggest island in Thailand, has its own airport, for example. The smaller and less … Read More

15 of the Most Popular Summer Finger Food Ideas

Are you looking for popular summer finger food ideas for easy entertaining? Remove the stress for your summer event by preparing finger foods for your party. Consider a combination of easy summer appetizers to put together party platters. Our collection of recipes includes dips, cold and warm platters and desserts. With summer approaching, it’s an opportune time to present some summer party food ideas. The Spanish are rightly famous for their concept of tapas, simply small plates of food. It … Read More

11 of the Best Boutique Hotels in Venice

Beautiful Accommodation in Venice: The Best Unique and Boutique Accommodation in Venice Venice is the most popular tourist destination in Italy. It is busy all year round, and incredibly busy at peak times which include Carnival and summer. Plan ahead if you want to stay overnight in Venice as hotels can be booked months in advance. With large international hotels, as well as beautiful accommodation in boutique hotels, there is something to suit everyone in Venice. Many of the small … Read More

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