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North Carolina Ribs with Vinegar Based BBQ Sauce Recipe
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North Carolina ribs with a vinegar based BBQ sauce are on the menu today. Having access to a BBQ smoker, my preference is to use it to impart some extra, smoky flavor. But you can also achieve excellent results in the oven. Both options are listed in the recipe. We are using a vinegar based BBQ sauce recipe utilizing everyday ingredients as a marinade for the ribs. Then we... Read More

Atlanta vs. Charlotte for a Fall Weekend
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If you want to enjoy the crisp clear Autumn weather and get in a final weekend getaway before winter arrives, where would you choose, Atlanta or Charlotte for a fall weekend? Using some criteria specifically designed for the fall season: fall foliage, outdoor activities, food and wine, price, accessibility and accommodation options, we look at what Atlanta and Charlotte offer for a fall weekend getaway. Atlanta for a Fall... Read More

9 Tips for Your 1st Cruise Including What to Pack
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You booked your 1st cruise and now you are getting ready to go. Wondering what to pack and what to expect onboard the ship for your 1st cruise? We have done a couple of cruises now, usually small ships, but one large ship cruise to Alaska, and here we share our tips for your 1st cruise, including what to pack. Tips for Your 1st Cruise and What to Expect... Read More

What to Do in Seattle if You Only Have One Day
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With a lot to see and do in Seattle, if you only have one day in Seattle focusing on the downtown area is an easy option. Use our do-it-yourself Seattle city tour itinerary to explore the best of Seattle in one day. Perfect if you are in town for a cruise or business with a bit of spare time to explore. Walking this itinerary is easy or utilize the... Read More

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