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At Last a Simple Bloody Mary for a Warm Climate
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Today we feature a simple Bloody Mary for a warm climate. It’s a very simple change to a standard Bloody Mary but results in a lighter and easier drink for a warm and/or humid climate. And, dare I say it, this drink is easier to chug down than the... Read More

Your Guide to the Best Bars and Restaurants in Antigua
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Antigua, Guatemala has many fabulous eateries and bars and in my view, provides the best eating and drinking opportunities in all of Guatemala. And it’s not just typical Guatemalan foods available but the full gamut of cuisines from around the world. Here you will find fabulous steaks, (as good... Read More

The Hotel Mil Flores with Fabulous Luxury and Charm
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Location: The Hotel Mil Flores in Antigua Antigua, Guatemala is the best-preserved, Spanish-colonial town in all The Americas. This is primarily because Antigua was abandoned in 1773 following a devastating earthquake. Now, thanks to very strict laws around restoration activities, Antigua is a living museum of magnificent old churches,... Read More