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Your Guide to Visiting the Hamburg Opera House

If you are going to Hamburg, you don’t want to miss visiting the new Hamburg Opera House, the ELBPhilharmonie.  It is free to visit the 360 ° viewing platform, and trust me, the panoramic views of Hamburg and the River Elbe are the best in town! Building the ELBPhilharmonie As part of Hamburg’s redevelopment project of the waterfront, an entirely new part of Hamburg, Hafen City, adds residential, office and entertainment districts to the city.  And the most prominent building … Read More

9 More of the Most Popular Dinner Recipes from Around the World

Our first edition of popular dinner recipes from around the world proved such a hit, we just had to publish a second edition! Try these 9 great dinner recipes. Our 9 dinner recipes hail from 6 different countries. We feature popular dinner recipes from Greece, Malaysia, Morocco, Romania, Spain, and the United States. It’s a great way to experience great tastes from different cultures without even leaving your kitchen. And, don’t worry, these ingredients are easy to buy in most … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to the Wine of Bordeaux

Not sure where to start with Bordeaux wines? This guide in plain English has everything you need to know to buy a wine or visit a winery while in Bordeaux. While we enjoy a good drop of wine, and travel all over the world tasting and learning about wines, we are novices when it comes to French wines. If you are like us, not sure what the difference is between a Bordeaux and a Burgundy, read on. We visited Bordeaux … Read More

French Dinner Party Menu with Recipes for Easy Entertaining

Our French Dinner Party honors one of the world’s great cuisines. The 3 courses are all simple to prepare in advance. Just perfect for easy entertaining. French cuisine and cooking methods quite rightly have a great reputation for excellence. So many classic, French dishes are found right throughout the world and why not? French cuisine has long influenced food trends. As for French cooking methods, some people assume that all French dishes are complex. But, I am here to tell … Read More

How You Can Make Quick Easy French Chocolate Mousse

A French chocolate mousse recipe following the traditional, French method. Grab some good quality eggs and chocolate, find 15 minutes time. Quick and easy. French chocolate mousse is not just popular in France but in many countries right around the world. It is certainly a dessert you will find on many restaurant menus. “Mousse au Chocolat” is also surprisingly easy to put together as I can attest, as this was my first attempt to make it. A rich chocolate flavor … Read More

2 Days in Bordeaux: What to Eat and Drink in Bordeaux

Known for its wine, Bordeaux, the second largest city in France behind Paris, is a great place to immerse yourself in French culture, wine and enjoy some French food, especially the cheese. Here’s everything you need to know for a fantastic 2 days of food and wine in Bordeaux Regional Products to Try in Bordeaux In addition to its location along the Garonne River, Bordeaux is also not far from the Atlantic Coast.  This means in addition to the great … Read More

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