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One of Europe’s undiscovered gems is Romania.  Friendly locals, stunning scenery, traditional foods, and lots of history make Romania a great place to travel. On this page you will find all the content from Compass & Fork for food and travel in Romania.  And check back often as we are always adding content from Romania.

Since tourists have yet to discover Romania it is very affordable and relatively uncrowded compared to other European destinations.

Bucharest, the capital, has a lot to see and do, but moving outside the capital to explore the resorts of the Black Sea, the Danube Delta, the medieval towns in the mountains has its own rewards. Discover castles, traditional dancing, fantastic wines and the painted monasteries.

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Planning a Trip to Romania

Beautiful Accommodation in Romania

Find hotels cheap Accommodation options in Romania are plentiful and you can find something to suit any budget. There are many internationa,l hotel chains as well as boutique hotels and small luxury accommodation in Romania. And it is very affordable.

Romania uses it’s own currency, the leu, which you can withdraw from an ATM or credit cards are widely accepted in most cities and towns. In rural areas you will want to have some cash with you.

Click here to browse current hotel prices and availability in Romania. To compare booking engines and prices we recommend Hotels Combined.


Transportation: Getting Around While in Romania

Public transportation in Bucharest comprises trams, subway and buses. Walking through the historic old town and surrounds provides a great way to see the buildings and appreciate the architecture. Much of the Old Town is pedestrian only. Traffic is terrible within Bucharest so explore other options to driving.

Outside of Bucharest the road infrastructure is good and renting a car and driving is an option. Keep in mind it does snow in the winter. Quite a large country, driving distances in Romania can be long.

Train travel within Romania can provide an alternative to driving. And for some travel, where travel is mountainous and driving can be quite slow, internal flights are an option (see below.)


For Car Rental in Romania

For international car rental we use Holiday Autos. The price quoted includes all taxes and fees and it also searches local rental car providers in Romania, which may be more affordable than international companies. Download our rental car checklist to compare your quote.

Flights to and within Romania

Romania is well serviced by numerous low cost airlines including RyanAir, EasyJet, and Wizz Air. In addition there are two Romanian carriers- Blue Air and Tarom which provide both international and domestic service.

Internal flights can be a good option in the winter or if you are short on time.

Use this link to search flights for Romania

Travel Insurance

And don’t forget travel insurance! You never know when you will need it. Are you covered? Can you afford not to be? This is where travel insurance from a reputable company can be worth its weight in gold. We use World Nomads Travel Insurance, you can get a quote here.

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Below you will find all content related to food and travel in Romania. If you don’t find what you are looking for or having any questions, please feel free to contact us.

How to Make Simple Inside Out Cabbage Rolls

Inside out cabbage rolls are easy to make and save a bunch of preparation time over the traditional method of rolling the cabbage rolls. Cheap to make and hearty, your whole family will enjoy true, Romanian comfort food. It’s also a great option if you are cooking for a crowd. We have previously featured, traditional cabbage rolls, cooked in a tomato sauce base, when featuring Bulgaria. But, in Transylvania, Romania, we enjoyed cabbage a la Cluj, which features cabbage and … Read More

Why Hotel Privo is the Best Hotel in Romania for Food and Wine

If you are looking to learn more about food and wine while in Romania, look no further than Hotel Privo in the town of Targu Mures. The modern, luxury hotel has won multiple awards for its restaurant and design. And, it comes at a very affordable price. Hotel Privo is located near the city center of Targu Mures in the heart of the Transylvania region of Romania. Opening in 2013, the boutique, luxury hotel is the most awarded hotel in … Read More

How to Make Easy Romanian Meatballs in a Soup

Romanian meatballs have a well-deserved reputation and today we feature them in an easy to make soup. Throw in an array of healthy veggies such as celery, carrots and bell peppers and you have the basis for a hearty Romanian meatball soup. It’s a meal which you can dress up with a garnish or two! I find making soup one of the great pleasures of winter, especially when it is cold and windy outside. The aroma of gently simmering soup … Read More

9 Romanian Traditions You Need to Know About

One of the things we enjoyed traveling through Romania was the opportunity to see, learn and experience some of the local Romanian traditions.  Of course, I am sure there are many we also missed, as it challenging to understand the nuances of local culture from the perspective of a tourist. We did have a lot of fun and are looking forward to returning to Romania. 1.  Traditional Greeting of Bread and Salt The traditional greeting of bread and salt, a … Read More

Why You Need to Know this Easy Romanian Zacusca Recipe

This Romanian zacusca recipe showcases Romanian food and is testament to how the locals continue to uphold the many, Romanian traditions, so evident when traveling around the country. Zacusca is a smoky, Romanian eggplant spread. Some people call it Romanian eggplant salad. It is delicious spread on good crusty bread. In addition to the eggplants, red bell peppers, tomatoes and onion form the basis of this healthy dish. This Romanian zacusca recipe will yield enough to fill a 24 ounce … Read More

11 of the Best Reasons You Need to Visit Romania

In case you need more convincing, here’s 11 reasons you need to visit Romania. The list includes some of the best things to do in Romania and some interesting facts about Romania. Having been to Romania twice now, Compass & Fork is convinced Romania is one of the most underrated destinations in Europe. With some amazing things to do in Romania, a fascinating history, great food and the fact is it is both affordable and not overrun with tourists, we … Read More

Discover Romanian Food with this Dinner Party

As we usually do, we are ending this month’s exploration of Romanian cuisine with a three-course dinner party menu showcasing Romanian food. Traditional food in Romania is alive and well. And true to its Eastern European roots, Romanian food borrows meals from other Eastern European classics like goulash and puts its own, local spin on it. A great way to discover the joys of food in Romania is to cook your own dinner party featuring traditional food in Romania. And … Read More

The Best Things to Do in Bucharest Romania

Bucharest was a city full of surprises. It is a bustling city, with an air about it as if something big is about to happen. Now is an exciting time to visit, before the rest of the world finds out about Bucharest and all it must offer. So here we share the best things to do in Bucharest that we discovered on our visit. Some Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Bucharest I always find some of these amazing, and … Read More

Traditional Romanian Food: Pork Goulash

Pork goulash is a traditional Romanian food that is easy to make. Move over Hungary, great Romanian goulash is another classic goulash to watch out for! Classic goulash is rightfully popular all over the world. A not too spicy stew, toned down with some sour cream, is one of the world’s great tastes. An authentic goulash recipe may be made with beef, veal, lamb or pork. The seasoning for goulash and the meat selected, account for some of the local … Read More

Where to Find the Best Coffee in Bucharest, Cocktails and Breakfast in Bucharest

Having a good coffee and cocktail scene in a city is often an indicator of things to come. Usually a good art scene with galleries, exhibitions and local shops featuring local designers seems to go hand in hand with tasty food, coffee and cocktails. Not sure why that is but it is a pattern we notice around the world. So here we share the places for the best coffee in Bucharest, cocktails and breakfast in Bucharest. Bucharest, has the makings … Read More

Romanian Polenta is a Simple Polenta Recipe

Romanian polenta is a surprise. Polenta is more commonly used in Romania perhaps than in Italy. Romanians sure know how to prepare polenta, it is quite a rustic dish. Try this version with sour cream and herbs. Polenta is a traditional Romanian food but what is most surprising to me is how popular, polenta is in Romanian restaurants. There is maybe more widespread use in Romania of polenta, particularly in winter, than I observed in Italy. Romanian tradition demands polenta … Read More

Where to Eat Traditional Romanian Cuisine & Drink Romanian Wine in Bucharest

Traditional Romanian cuisine includes mici, polenta, goulash and many other popular foods in Romania. Romanian wine is also plentiful. And much to our surprise Romania is a large wine producer. The Romanian wine industry is growing rapidly, boasting some of the highest growth rates in the world. So of course one of the must do activities when visiting Bucharest is to try Romanian food and try some Romanian wine. So, here is our guide of where to eat traditional Romanian … Read More

Romanian Mici: Easy Skinless Sausages

Romanian mici are easy, skinless sausages. Perfect for the outdoor grill, add some pita bread, hummus or garlic sauce and salad. A quick, meal ready to go in no time. Reputed to be the Romanian National Dish, this Romanian sausage recipe is perfect if you have always wanted to make your own sausages! Romanians prefer to moderately spice their mici with Hungarian paprika and coriander. And, as is not uncommon throughout the world, this dish was “invented” because of a … Read More

A Review of The Intercontinental Bucharest: Beautiful Accommodation

When visiting Bucharest, a nice central hotel like the Intercontinental Bucharest is the perfect place to stay to explore all Bucharest has to offer. Location in Bucharest If you are wondering where to stay in Bucharest, we have the perfect place to explore the best of Bucharest. If you are looking for a nice central spot to stay in Bucharest, the Intercontinental Bucharest is located just at the edge of Bucharest’s lively Old Town, near the Universitate metro stop and … Read More

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