Milan EXPO & Venice Biennale: 2015 the year to Visit Italy

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Any time is a good time to visit Italy! But this year there are two huge events on in Northern Italy, EXPO Milano 2015 (the Milan EXPO in English) and the Venice Biennale. Both provide additional incentives to visit in 2015! If you have dreamed of visiting Italy, Expo Milano 2015 (the Milan EXPO) may be the reason to do it NOW. When I think of Italy, thinking of food is not far behind! Italy has some of the best … Read More

Italy- Expo Milano 2015

We are headed to the Expo Milano 2015, the latest Universal Exhibition, once known as the World’s Fair. It runs 1 May- 31 October 2015. We are publishing a guide to the expo and a whole series of posts about other food related things to do in Northern Italy. More information about the Milan EXPO and what to do after the EXPO can be found in our later post, which is now live.   If you would like to receive … Read More

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