Tours for Independent Travelers Who Hate Tours

It might seem a little odd writing a post about tours for independent travelers, but there are times when a tour can be a great alternative to independent travel. So what do you do when you don’t want to go it alone? Times when a tour might be a great alternative to traveling independently: Short on time to research your trip Short visit at a destination Specialist interests Language or cultural challenges Limited transportation options Remote locations Specialist equipment needed … Read More

How to Book your Own Private Tour for Less than a Packaged Group Tour

Private tours are perfect for independent travelers who like to set their own itinerary and departure dates and they are more affordable than you think.  Here we share the best ways to find an affordable private tour. The ability to plan your own itinerary, leave on any date, and find the best local guides and activities are a few of the advantages of a private tour.  Most people think booking a private tour is expensive, but it’s doesn’t have to … Read More

Travel Tips & Resources for Planning the Perfect Vacation

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Planning a trip? Here is a step by step guide to planning your ultimate trip including resources for airfares, accommodation, and finding what to do.  Everything you need to plan your trip.  We share some of our best tips to help make travel planning easier and save you money. To help you plan the ultimate trip, a vacation you will remember forever, we break it down to these simple steps: What kind of trip do you want? Deciding where to … Read More

15 of the Best Practical Travel Tips for Europe

Save time, money and stress with these helpful European travel tips. Here we share the best practical travel tips for Europe to help you enjoy your vacation. Find tips for traveling within Europe, best time to travel, finding tickets (including hard to get tickets) and some tips to prepare you for the unexpected. Getting Around Europe 1.      International Flights vs. Travel Within Europe Book your international flights into two convenient airports for your travels and then travel within Europe by … Read More

What You Need to Know to Create Your Morocco Itinerary

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Our complete 3-week itinerary for Morocco and some practical advice to help you create a Morocco itinerary for your trip. What to do and where to go, information for traveling within Morocco and what to expect on your trip. As independent travelers, I usually research and create our itineraries determining where to go and how long to stay. For Morocco, I struggled, there is so much to see and do, spread out across a rather large geographic distance. Also, information … Read More

Travelling Australia by Car: The Great Aussie Road Trip

Are you considering travelling Australia by car? Read this tongue in cheek article on what to beware of and what makes a road trip in Australia so unique. Travelling Australia by car is a great way to see the country. Whether you are planning an epic, around Australia road trip, or a Sydney to Great Ocean Road holiday, you should be aware of some uniquely Australian idiosyncrasies, as well as the potential issues that might catch you out while driving … Read More

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