Find Out Why Ema Datshi is Beloved in Bhutanese Cuisine

When thinking about great food dishes, Ema Datshi and Bhutanese cuisine don’t really roll off the tongue. But this chili cheese recipe is full of surprises. There isn’t a lot known about Bhutanese cuisine. After all, Bhutan has only just opened its doors to the world in the last few decades. So, if you enjoy discovering new food options, this chili cheese recipe might just be for you. Ema Datshi, also known as datsi, is beloved in Bhutan. It’s a … Read More

Celebrate the Great American Roadtrip with this Feast

Welcome to another Compass & Fork Dinner Party, this time hailing from the United States. Regular readers will be aware that we generally feature a Dinner Party from each of the countries or regions upon which we focus. So join us for this months American Roadtrip Dinner Party Menu! For the last 2 months, we have been visiting relatives, friends and some of the magnificent sights and foods on offer in the United States. We have labelled this the Great … Read More

How to Impress with Easy Southern Red Rice

A very popular dish you will find in the American South is red rice. For sure, there are local variants found in Charleston and Savannah that have their own identities, but the basic recipe, ingredients and method are the same. Today we feature our own version of easy Southern red rice, which makes are great side for any dish, or you can enjoy it as a standalone meal. I love the opportunity travel gives you for learning about other cultures, … Read More

17 Healthy Foods to Start the New Year Right

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to eat more healthily? Well we have just the thing to get you going with this roundup of 17 healthy foods to start the New Year right. 2017 is here, so now is the time to start on that resolution. Commit to eating more healthily  and work off some of that festive cheer with some exercise. We have put together 17 healthy foods covering breakfasts, appetizers and salads, entrees (mains), sides as well … Read More

Why Easy Barbecue Brisket is the Best

Mention the word barbecue to an American and you are almost guaranteed to receive an opinion on whose is the best and from which part of the country it hails from. Although the rest of the world associates the word barbecue as the implement you cook on, here in the US it is used to describe food that is slow-cooked, using some smoke and then eaten with an accompanying, sweetish sauce. Think of pork ribs, as well as pork shoulder … Read More

How to Smoke your Turkey for the Festive Season

Today, at Compass and Fork, we put the spotlight on smoked turkey, as cooked in the smoker, to help celebrate the festive season. A little more work, maybe, than roasting your festive-season turkey in the oven, but the extra rewards make this a great reason to go the extra mile and use a smoker to cook your turkey. And here is how to smoke your turkey so it turns out perfectly! If you are looking to cook turkey so that … Read More

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