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How much do you know about food and travel in Uruguay? Easy to travel around, good security & food, lovely beaches and mild climate makes for a great trip.

Uruguay is often overlooked in favor of its larger and more glamorous neighbors Brazil and Argentina. However we recommend you don’t underestimate the appeal of this underrated South American gem. On this page you will find all the Compass & Fork content related to food and travel in Uruguay.

Friendly, Uruguay is very underrated. As a tourist, I find this country refreshing. Easy to travel around, nice people, good security, great food (especially the steak) and let’s not forget the brilliant wine, fabulous beaches and a mild, temperate climate makes Uruguay a great travel destination just waiting for you to discover.

For some colonial charm, there is hardly a better town in South America to visit than Colonia. Cobbled lane ways, great, old buildings and magnificent, tree-lined streets make Colonia a great trip from either Buenos Aires or Montevideo, the unassuming capital of Uruguay.

In Montevideo, you find the most relaxed capital city in all of South America. Further north there are the fabulous beaches of Punta del Este.

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Planning a Trip to Uruguay

Beautiful Accommodation in Uruguay

Boutique hotels and small luxury accommodation abounds in Uruguay. There is no shortage of beautiful accommodation around Colonia, Montevideo and Punta del Este.

To browse current hotel prices and check availability in Uruguay click here. To compare booking engines and prices we recommend Hotels Combined
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Transportation: Getting Around Uruguay

Uruguay is flat, has a small population, a good network of roads and good driving conditions making car rental easier here than in other South American countries.

For travel between Colonia, Montevideo and Punta del Este catch a long distance bus or rent a car. We found the buses to be totally reliable, regular and very affordable. If you are looking to explore a bit more or head outside the main cities then a car offers flexibility.

For Car Rental in Uruguay

We use and recommend Holiday Autos for overseas car rental.  The price includes all taxes and fees and also searches local providers.  Download our rental car checklist to check your quote.

Flights to Uruguay

Montevideo is the main gateway into Uruguay if you are traveling by air. There are a number of airlines linking Montevideo to the US and South American cities.

If you fly LAN for your international flights a LAN Pass covers internal flights within South America.

Click here to search for flights to Uruguay or click on the advertisement to the left for LAN flights.

Travel Insurance

And don’t forget travel insurance!

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Easy Entertaining with a Menu of Authentic Food from Uruguay

As we usually do, we are ending this month’s exploration of Uruguay’s cuisine with a complete four course dinner party menu featuring authentic food from Uruguay. And if you are looking for an easy dinner party to put together with no last minute stress then this dinner party from Uruguay might just be your next best friend. All of the dishes can be prepared ahead of time, with the appetizer requiring approximately 2 to 3 minutes to cook and the … Read More

Tannat Wine One of the Best Reasons to Visit Uruguay

Tannat and South American Wine This was a great find. If you’ve never heard of tannat wine, you are not alone.  Prior to traveling to Uruguay, we had never heard of tannat wine, and we drink a lot of wine and have traveled a lot.  We have also traveled a lot around South America and still didn’t know it! So bear with me while I explain the story. If you know anything about South American wine, Argentina is known for … Read More

How to Make Uruguay’s Golden Veal Milanesa

Today we feature one of Uruguay’s most popular menu choices, Veal Milanesa. Easy to make and always popular with children and adults alike, who doesn’t like the delightful, golden crumbing coating over a great piece of veal? Typically served with fries/chips and a salad, no wonder it is such a popular choice at many restaurants in Uruguay. Just as popular is the chicken version, made with a chicken fillet. Veal Milanesa (Spanish spelling) is suspiciously like Veal Schnitzel from Austria … Read More

How to Make the Best Beet with Goat Cheese and Walnut Salad

Here is a great recipe to make the best beet with goat cheese and walnut salad you will ever eat. It is my gift and contribution to the people of Uruguay to pair with their magnificent beef steaks, tannat red wine and good cheer that is always proudly on display whenever you eat out in Uruguay. This salad was inspired by our visit to the charming town of Colonia de Sacramento where we had a simple but beautiful lettuce salad, … Read More

Picturesque Colonia de Sacramento: How to Make the Most of your Visit

First settled by the Portuguese in the 17th Century, the very picturesque Colonia de Sacramento is located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata.  The town was a strategic settlement for the Portuguese.  The Spanish and Portuguese fought over it for many years and you can see the remnants of the Old Fort and the original city walls near the waterfront.   It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a very picturesque little town.   The cobblestone streets, … Read More

Awesome Provoleta- Grilled Provolone Cheese- Is Quick and Easy

Provoleta- grilled provolone cheese- from Uruguay (and Argentina) is a quick 3-minute appetizer from refrigerator to serving. Is there any hot appetizer quicker than this? This provoleta recipe could not be easier. So if you are looking to cook recipes from Uruguay, traditional food like this is a great way to start. Grilled cheese is adored throughout the world. Provoleta -grilled provolone cheese- is another classic, melted cheese recipe but with a Uruguayan touch,  you should add to your repertoire. … Read More

The Fantastic Music and Food of Uruguay in Montevideo

Uruguay has a rich culture and learning about the music and food of Uruguay in Montevideo is one of the most enjoyable parts of any trip to Uruguay.   The music, like the food, shows influences from other cultures.  And while it has some commonalities with neighboring Argentina, it also has a vibe all its own. Montevideo has its own foodie revolution going on and there are some great places to eat.  We were very pleasantly surprised by both the … Read More

The Chivito Steak Sandwich is a Classic You Will Love

Fancy a great steak sandwich? Why not try your hand at making a chivito steak sandwich, the famous steak sandwich of Uruguay? If you love hamburgers, then chances are that you will just adore a chivito steak sandwich. Look at that picture. The chivito is full of individual goodies. Now just think of the combination of them all. What a mouth watering prospect. Filled with filet steak, bacon, cheese, onion, red bell pepper, chimichurri sauce, lettuce, tomato and that most … Read More

The Best of the Culture and Food of Uruguay

Uruguay is often overlooked in favor of its larger and more glamorous neighbors Brazil and Argentina.  However we recommend you don’t underestimate the appeal of this underrated South American gem.  To whet your appetite, here is a guide for the first time visitor to explore the best of the culture and food of Uruguay. Named at #8 on the 2016 Top Destinations by Lonely Planet, it looks like the secret of Uruguay might be out! The Culture of Uruguay Much … Read More




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