Hoi An A Town Full of Fantastic Delights

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No matter what your interests you won’t be disappointed in Hoi An, a town full of fantastic delights just waiting for you: shopping, history and culture, relaxing at the spa, and of course food. Hoi An has it all. Shopping in Hoi An Let’s start with the shopping as Hoi An is a shopper’s paradise specializing in custom made everything. If you want a pair of shoes, jewelry, clothes (dresses, suits, shirts) for men or women, handbags, you name it … Read More

7 Things to Do when Visiting Ho Chi Minh City for the First Time

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Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), as Saigon was renamed after the end of the American/Vietnam War is a bustling city. It was once the capital of South Vietnam and a fascinating place to explore. Here are 7 suggestions for what to do when visiting Ho Chi Minh City for the first time. 1. Watch the Swarm of Motorbikes! Calling the traffic in Ho Chi Minh City chaotic is an understatement. The primary form of transportation is a motorbike, or motorcycle, … Read More

Quick Easy Mekong Inspired Omelette with Peanut Sauce

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Looking for an authentic, Vietnamese omelette recipe? Be inspired by the food and customs of the Mekong Delta and make this healthy, “full of crunch” omelette. Our travels in the Mekong delta, the food bowl of southern Vietnam, revealed an inspiring people, full of industry and a wide diversity of foods. An area just waiting to be explored. And resulted in this recipe of a Mekong inspired omelette with peanut sauce Our introductory post to Vietnam details a short, modern … Read More

Introducing Vibrant Vietnam- What You Need to Know

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Vietnam is a vibrant modern country, with a fantastic cuisine and lots of history and culture to explore. Most people live in rural areas and getting outside the major cities can lead to some rewarding experiences. So to better understand Vietnam here’s what you need to know. Putting Things in Perspective: the Short Version of Vietnam’s History What you need to know about Vietnam begins with the history as it shapes what is today modern Vietnam. The country has a … Read More

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