Hiking in Cappadocia and a Pomegranate Orange Juice Recipe

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Hiking in beautiful Cappadocia and pomegranate orange juice. Is there a better combination? Cappadocia is a great place to hike. There are a number of valleys where you can wander around the rock formations and escape some of the tourist crowds. Pick up a copy of the map called “New Goreme Tour” (produced by a shop in town that runs the tours). Our hotel provided this map and it seems to be the most common “free” map of the area. There … Read More

Cappadocia, Turkey – Everything You Need to Know

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Goreme Valley Why would you ever go to Cappadocia, Turkey? Well if you want to find some way to wind-back the clock to your childhood years, then this could just be the place. We will provide a simple guide to Cappadocia for those wanting to enjoy its splendor and revive their inner child. If you’re wondering, where is Cappadocia? Or even, what is Cappadocia? Then the answer is that is it is a charming region in central Turkey. As a … Read More

Roast Chicken with Pilaf Stuffing

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Italy has its risotto, the Indian sub-continent has its biryani and Eastern Europe/Middle East has its pilaf. All different methods of cooking rice in stock. Alexander the Great, was reputedly a great lover of pilaf. Roast chicken with pilaf stuffing dates dates back a long time. True to the guild system developed in the royal kitchens, the pilaf makers had their own guild so it is not surprising that pilafs are so popular in Turkey. In the Turkish military in … Read More

Top 5 Day Hikes Near Fethiye

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Fethiye is the start of the Lycian Way, a 324 mile or 540 kilometer long distance hiking trail ending near Antalya. There are a number of additional day hikes near Fethiye. Maps are posted at the trail heads, and the trails recommended are way marked. It was difficult to find any additional information here on the ground although we did come across a Fethiye hiking book in a café (published by the local culture authority) but we could not find … Read More

Turkish Style Poached Eggs Recipe

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We really enjoyed going to the local markets in Turkey. It’s where most Turks shop rather than in the big supermarkets. There are a huge number of vendors in the larger city markets like Fethiye. So there is good competition and plenty of choice. Our observation was that the fruit and vegetables on offer at the markets were super fresh and were of a much higher quality than in the supermarkets. Many of the vegetables looked as if they had … Read More

Food Shopping in Fethiye

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The Local Market The primary source for food shopping in Fethiye is the local market, or pazar, held three times a week. The main market is in the center of town on Tuesday. Two other markets are held. On Saturday, east of the main bus station (Otogar) and Sunday out near the large hospital. The Saturday and Sunday markets are not quite as busy and therefore a bit more relaxed with time to get to know your local vendors. We … Read More

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