Ephesus, Pamukkale and Bergama: 3 Historic Sites in Western Turkey

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Ephesus, Pamukkale and Bergama are all mid-way along the west coast of Turkey. They could all be undertaken as day-trips from Izmir (Pamukkale would be a long day.) You can fly into Izmir and pick-up a car and then tour the area choosing to overnight in a few places. Kusadasi, further south on the coast, could also be a good base if you prefer more of a resort town. Ephesus Ephesus (or Efes as the Turkish call it, and the … Read More

Turkish Red Lentil Soup Recipe

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Looking for an easy to make lentil soup recipe full of flavor? This Turkish red lentil soup recipe is delicious, healthy and quick to make. Sure to become one of your favorite soup recipes. One of our go-to dishes when we travel is roast chicken. And there are 2 really good reasons. We enjoy a really good Roast Chicken. And the added bonus is being able to make a good flavored stock with the leftover carcass and bones. And from … Read More

Gallipoli and Troy

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What you are wondering do Gallipoli and Troy have in common that they are in one post? Well the reason is one of geography, they are near each other and if you go to visit Gallipoli it is not far to stop and visit the remains of the ancient city of Troy. Gallipoli is the more recent and perhaps more moving of the two so let’s start there. Ask any Australian or New Zealander what was the making of their … Read More

Healthy Pomegranate Breakfast

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Enjoying a pomegranate breakfast will guarantee you derive all the benefits from this now-recognized super food. Healthy pomegranate recipes like this one are full of flavor and go very well in the summer to start your day on the right foot. And, only four ingredients. The benefits of eating pomegranate in the morning are that you receive the full advantage of it throughout the course of the day. And, in addition to our pomegranate breakfast recipe today, breakfast is also … Read More

Testi Kebap Recipe

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Testi (mug in Turkish) Kebap (meat in Turkish) is basically a stew of meat, tomatoes and some vegetables. There is a high proportion of meat in this stew. The traditional method of cooking is to place the ingredients inside a sealed clay jug. The clay jug is then placed in the coals at the bottom of a tandir, which is a large clay pot oven buried in the earth. This is a traditional meal from Cappadocia. When cooked, the still … Read More

Cappadocia: Excellent Food and Turkish Wine

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We found the style of food in Cappadocia to be a little different to the rest of Turkey. As we were staying in Goreme we ate dinners in town. We found the dining to be somewhat unique and while we don’t really review restaurants, the dining here is worthy of mention in terms of experiencing the unique culture and food of Cappadocia, it is also an excellent place to talk about Turkish wine as the region has some varietals unique … Read More

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