7 of the Best Barbecue Recipes for Summer from Around the World

Summer is just around the corner!!  And that means it is time to get out the grill. In our house the barbecue is the go to place for dinner all summer. The house heats up and who want to stand inside and cook or run the oven! So to help you out, inspire you and get you in the mood, we have collected 7 of our best barbecue recipes for summer into this one handy guide. In upcoming posts we … Read More

Why Iceland is the Perfect Stopover Destination any Time of Year

Is Iceland on your bucketlist?It was on ours for a long time.On our last trip to Europe we decided to do something about it and we made a stopover in Iceland. It is easier than you might think and Iceland is the perfect stopover destination any time of year. Icelandair. WOW, and Norwegian Air are a few of the many airlines offering service to Iceland and allowing for an easy stopover between the UK or Europe and the United States. … Read More

5 Fantastic Bucketlist Destinations that Live up to the Hype

A bucketlist, a travel wish list, or just places you have always dreamed of going- whatever you want to call it, you often wonder if having dreamt of visiting for years if it really is going to live up to its reputation.  Are some of these iconic, bucketlist destinations really worth all the hype? Well this list of five we have visited in the past couple of years definitely do deliver.  Despite the crowds, the cost and sometimes the travel … Read More

2017 Travel Wish List An Optimistic Look at the New Year

How do we decide where to travel?  It is actually a bit of wishful thinking, practicalities, family and friends, and financial realities all competing. From there we do a little research and start to formulate a plan. Plans change and usually the year never ends up as we think it will, but hey- the best laid plans! So Our Initial Thinking for 2017 As there are two of us, we each keep a Top 10 list of where we want … Read More

The 2016 Retrospective: A Look at a Wonderful Year

A Great Year of Food, Drink and Travel: the Compass & Fork 2016 Year in Review I have always found it a useful exercise to do the year in review and have a think about the New Year.  When I was younger this used to happen twice a year, once before the start of the school year and then at the end of the calendar year.  I must admit it is a rhythm that continues to this day despite the … Read More

How to Keep Warm with These 14 Healthy Winter Comfort Foods

Is there any better time of the year for cooking than in winter? Not for me. I yearn for the cooler months so I can quietly potter around the kitchen and practice some slow cooking techniques. It is a season for warming comfort foods – braises, slow cooker meals, casseroles and stews. Slow cooking suits cheaper cuts of meat and provides a great opportunity to increase your vegetable intake. Here is a collection of 14 healthy winter comfort foods from … Read More

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