Celebrate the Great American Roadtrip with this Feast

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Welcome to another Compass & Fork Dinner Party, this time hailing from the United States. Regular readers will be aware that we generally feature a Dinner Party from each of the countries or regions upon which we focus. So join us for this months American Roadtrip Dinner Party Menu! For the last 2 months, we have been visiting relatives, friends and some of the magnificent sights and foods on offer in the United States. We have labelled this the Great … Read More

A Last Look at the Great American Roadtrip

Unfortunately, our time in the USA is coming to the end. The United States is a great place for a road trip. So many places to go, easy to navigate and cheap gasoline. (Yes, I know it is expensive for the USA at the moment but compared to the rest of the world, gas is still cheap!) So, in case you missed part of our epic journey, we summarize our Great American Road Trip here, just follow the links to … Read More

Savannah will Romance You with Its Charm

Having visited Louisville and Charleston, Savannah was our third and last stop on our road trip through the Southern USA. I have fond memories of Savannah having visited often when I was a kid. Savannah was the closet city to my grandparent’s house in rural Georgia. I remember the old historic homes and the Spanish moss hanging from the trees. The Spanish Moss (which isn’t Spanish and isn’t moss) drapes romantically from the live oak trees giving everything a dreaming … Read More

How to Impress with this Easy Southern Red Rice Recipe

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Looking for a red rice with sausage recipe? Today we feature our own easy, Southern red rice recipe. A great side for any dish, or enjoy it as a standalone meal. A very popular dish you will find in the American South is Southern red rice with sausage. For sure, you can find local variations in Charleston and Savannah that have their own identities, but the basic recipe, ingredients and method are the same. I love the opportunity travel gives … Read More

Why is Savannah Known as the Most Haunted City the USA?

Do you believe in ghosts? We have taken a few ghost tours over time and I must say I do find them fascinating. We even spent a night in the Old Melbourne Gaol while they were filming an episode of Ghost Hunters, but that is a story for another time. Savannah, Georgia is known as one of the most haunted cities in the USA, so we knew we had to take a ghost tour and find out  why! Ghosts in … Read More

This is the Best Ever Simple Cheesy Bacon Grits

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When traveling through the American south, you will find grits on offer in almost every eatery, from fancy restaurant through to roadside diner, or at least it seems that way. Simple cheesy bacon grits are easy to make and full of flavor! Gluten free too! For an Australian, and with name like grits, this is surely an ingredient to avoid at all costs! I mean what are grits and what is it with that name? One of the great joys … Read More

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