Simple Home Made Muesli with Yogurt, Rhubarb, and Honey

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Muesli – healthy and quick to make from inexpensive pantry ingredients. Today we feature our favorite home made muesli recipe. Combined, with yogurt, rhubarb and honey, muesli becomes a quick but decadent breakfast that leaves you satisfied and feeling good. It’s easy to prepare muesli, poached rhubarb and even yogurt on the weekend and then weekday breakfasts become a quick exercise. There is something satisfying about making your own stuff that leaves you feeling good about life. But firstly, what … Read More

A Guide to the Fabulous Melbourne Markets

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Melbourne has some fantastic markets. You can find anything at the Melbourne markets if you just know where to shop. They are great to find fresh food, save some money, or find a unique gift. So let’s get started with 10 of the best markets in Melbourne.. Melbourne’s Markets: Inner City Food Markets 1. Queen Victoria Market (CBD) The oldest and largest of Melbourne markets the Queen Victoria Market  (or Queen Vic as it is called by the locals) regularly … Read More

Quality Gourmet Cheese Platter for the Senses

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Wine and cheese are a fantastic combination. Good for an appetizer, an alternative to dessert, as part of a grazing platter or an excellent addition to a dinner party. How do you make a gourmet cheese platter? Are there any guidelines? What about wines? What goes with what? A good combination of cheese and wine can delight all of the senses. Australia produces some excellent wines and cheeses. Victoria, the state in which Melbourne is located, is the heart of … Read More

11 of Melbourne’s Best Food Shops and Cooking Classes

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You know the shops, from the moment you see them, you want to walk in. Warm and inviting. And once you are in, the smell, the ambiance, you know you are somewhere special. The hardest decision is what to buy! This month we are discovering Melbourne, and today we are going to explore 11 of Melbourne’s best food shops and cooking classes. Those special shops that you just love, that you want to return to time and time again. And … Read More

Comfort Butternut Squash Quinoa Soup with Crunch

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Butternut squash quinoa soup is great comfort food, and is our version of squash (pumpkin) soup, so well-loved around the world. We roast butternut squash with garlic, cumin and honey and then use this as the base for the soup. Topped with a garnish of spiced quinoa, the soup takes on a bit of crunch and a slight heat. If you enjoy butternut squash soup, try this recipe for some real international flair. The soup can be prepared in advance … Read More

5 Insider Tips for Enjoying Fantastic Food in Melbourne

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  Melbourne is a food lover’s paradise. Restaurants, bars, markets, and a never ending calendar of events and festivals showcasing the Melbourne’s multicultural food scene. If you have a food craving, you can find it in Melbourne, usually without traveling too far. One of the challenges whilst traveling is how to make the most of your limited eating time. So often we think we should have stayed longer just to eat more! (Is that only us?) So if you are … Read More

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