How to Make the Perfect Vietnamese Dinner Party

Vietnamese cuisine is one of the many reasons to visit Vietnam.  In sticking with tradition, our last food post for a country is a dinner party. Fresh, easy, and healthy to make Compass & Fork features 8 recipe posts from Vietnam, a little more than normal from a country, so there is plenty to choose from for a party. For you convenience we have created a complete Vietnamese dinner party menu for easy entertaining at home. Vietnamese food is a … Read More

How to Easily Make Genuine Vietnamese Coffee

Looking for a great coffee, but want to try something different?  Why not try Vietnamese coffee?  Delicious served either hot or cold it is wickedly strong, sweet, rich and refreshing all at the same time. Try a ca phe sua nong (hot coffee with milk) or If the weather is too hot and/or humid, try ca phe sua da, (ice coffee with milk) Once tasted, you will be coming back for more. Coffee in Vietnam Another French legacy for the … Read More

How to Make Authentic Five Spice Grilled Pork from Sapa

Today we feature how to make Vietnamese-style, five spice grilled pork from Sapa Town in northern Vietnam.  Photographers, tourists, and hikers all love Sapa and with good reason. Colorful markets, the vibrant dress of the local hill tribes, spectacular rice terraces throughout the valleys, great food, and fantastic hiking are easy to find. The local traditions are strong and it is a bit different to the rest of Vietnam. Sapa is a town (as opposed to a city) and the … Read More

Banh Mi French Legacy Vietnamese Classic

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Vietnamese food is suddenly becoming popular all around the world. It’s not just beef noodle pho and fresh rice paper rolls, Today we feature the popular Vietnamese banh mi – French legacy, Vietnamese Classic. A French baguette stuffed full of pate, lemongrass-infused pork and fresh vegetables, herbs and pickles. The perfect lunch! Long-time readers will know that we feature 3 travel and/or food posts per week from our chosen, featured country. October is Vietnam month and we already have a … Read More

Eggplant Claypot from Absolutely Beautiful Ninh Binh

Cycling around the dramatic crags of Ninh Binh in northern Vietnam is like being in “Halong Bay on Land”. Indeed, that is how many people describe it. Our recipe for eggplant claypot is designed to transport you to this magical place. This is an easy dish to prepare and you do not need a claypot to prepare it. Eggplant claypot is a heavier dish than most in Vietnam and is well suited to the cooler climate you experience in Ninh … Read More

Mai Chau Confessions and Blissful Beef Noodle Pho

The Idyllic Mai Chau Valley.  Standing here is like being in the middle of a postcard of rice fields. A slightly cooler part of the country, it is the perfect location to enjoy beef noodle soup  or pho bo as it is called in Vietnamese), the national dish of Vietnam. Fabulous, Asian-style beef stock, chock full of rice noodles, herbs and pickles, this dish is a meal in itself. Read on about our surprising village visit that ended up being … Read More

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