This Delicious Black Bean Soup is the Best of Guatemala

Guatemala flies under the radar when it comes to notable cuisines, but it shouldn’t. Today we feature a delicious black bean soup which shows off the best of Guatemala. This delicious black bean soup goes for a trip into the blender to deliver a creamy and incredibly healthy soup, just perfect for those cold, winter months. We also peek at the Guatemalan diet. Many of you probably already eat many of the foods common to Guatemala without even realizing it. … Read More

Be Smart and Start Your Day with this Healthy Smoothie

Do you like to start your day with a healthy, fruit-based smoothie? Do you also like to start your day with a coffee? I am guessing most people answer the second question with a resounding, “Yes” and a fair proportion also answer “Yes” to the first question, especially the more health-conscious folks. But what if you could combine both and get the best of both worlds? When visiting Antigua in Guatemala, surely the most beautifully-preserved, Spanish, colonial city in all … Read More

How to Keep Warm with These 14 Healthy Winter Comfort Foods

Is there any better time of the year for cooking than in winter? Not for me. I yearn for the cooler months so I can quietly potter around the kitchen and practice some slow cooking techniques. It is a season for warming comfort foods – braises, slow cooker meals, casseroles and stews. Slow cooking suits cheaper cuts of meat and provides a great opportunity to increase your vegetable intake. Here is a collection of 14 healthy winter comfort foods from … Read More

18 of the Most Popular Festive Season Recipes from Around The World

For those of you who enjoy cooking over the festive season, we have compiled a list of the most popular festive season recipes appearing on Compass & Fork. Use this list of the 18 most popular festive season recipes from around the world to provide some creative cooking inspiration during this holiday period. You will find festive season recipes from both the northern hemisphere where this time of the year can be rather cool, as well as festive season recipes from … Read More

10 of the Most Popular Seafood Recipes from Around the World

For those of you that enjoy fish and seafood we have compiled a list of the most popular seafood recipes appearing on Compass & Fork from the last year. Use this list of the 10 most popular seafood recipes from around the world to provide some creative cooking inspiration. You might also like our collections of popular dinner recipes and vegetarian recipes from around the world. Within the list below the country the recipe is from is provided as reference. You can find … Read More

Entertaining Made Easy with 8 Complete Dinner Party Menus

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Entertaining Made Easy Entertaining at home is a great way to catch up with friends and family and share some fantastic food.  You don’t have interruptions from waiter service, you can control the menu and the serving time, and you don’t need to rush!  And you can be as loud as you want, walk around, change seats and catch up with everyone.  All advantages of entertaining at home! Here is home entertaining made easy with 8 complete dinner party menus … Read More

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