Easy Entertaining with these Recipes to Make Ahead of Time

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Make it Ahead of Time before the Guests Arrive Easy entertaining with these Recipes to make ahead of time. Here are 8 healthy and tasty recipes from all over the world to prepare ahead. Enjoy the party! Make your entertaining easy with these recipes to make ahead of time. That’s right do all the work before your guests arrive. This leaves you free so you can enjoy your big day or night of entertaining as well. Whether it be for … Read More

Comfort Butternut Squash Quinoa Soup with Crunch

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Butternut squash quinoa soup is great comfort food, and is our version of squash (pumpkin) soup, so well-loved around the world. We roast butternut squash with garlic, cumin and honey and then use this as the base for the soup. Topped with a garnish of spiced quinoa, the soup takes on a bit of crunch and a slight heat. If you enjoy butternut squash soup, try this recipe for some real international flair. The soup can be prepared in advance … Read More

Torres Del Paine Hike: Conquering the ‘W’ Trek

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There are a lot of options for hiking in the Torres Del Paine National Park. The first one that comes to mind as the ultimate Torres Del Paine hike is the ‘W’ Trek. Considered one of the best hikes in Patagonia and definitely one of the most popular, the ‘W’ is a four-day, four-night, 65-kilometer hike, shaped roughly like a W – hence the name. We had the pleasure of hiking the ‘W’ and it is hands-down, one of the … Read More

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